Je Voudrais Je voudrais Je voudrais.

Oh Quelle Dommage!
I would like to go and sit in a Cafe

(in Paris) and sip flat whites that are far too strong
sit and people-watch ponder for far too long I would,
Je voudrais,
sitting and shivering when it gets dark je suis si froid
when Paris pulls the sun down my white skin stark.

A night without complete blackness. A night filled by light. And

underneath the waxed dinner-plate stars I would, Je Voudrias, like to write.
I'd count and ignore the million Smart cars which
zap in twos and threes and fives
I would stand and write cliches like
I feel so aliiive

just standing

(Je voudrias to stand), at the tip of des Champs-Elysées and nobody
not one
could make me go away, because;
I'd tell them I was considering something very important to say
even if that wasn't exactly entirely true in every singular way.

Because wandering, drifting down an avenue for a day
is a very important thing to do. I am not lost.
just seeing.

Being in Paris
a one-way trip for one
sipping soaking Parisian sun

would tie a bright smile from my lips to my eyes
more than sipping a flat white here can
my taste buds have come to realise.

that will be NZ$4.50.


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