A Winter Walk.

Goodbye sunny room, time to make a trip. 
Go outside hit the slide maybe see the park. 
Not sure where I'm going but must be home by dark. 

Goodbye yes goodbye Ruby, yes I'll miss you too. 
Guard front door with sharp tooth and claw,
The most talkative guard-cat anyone did hear or saw. 

No car for me today no the park is too far near
I'll close my eyes count the steps until I'm there.
Croquet Croquet Croquet! But not for me today.

Tucked away from road and noise 
and noise and cars
and cars and people and cats which meow too much.



And also quite sunny. 
That is where I would like to sit but do you know what's funny?
You can't get there unless you play Croquet and play it well. 

So time will tell if in the Croquet field I'll one day dwell.  
(I hope so I really like that seat).

The seat of serenity. 
Unless of course, you are losing.

Hey thanks for having me in your home
won't stay too long it's sort of cold
not sure if you're a young bird or actually old. 

But your walk is cool. A confident stride. 
The step of a bird with somewhere to fly and fly in pride. 

This grass looked a lot cooler in real life. 

White and green and green and white. 


Swings are my favourite make me feel like I'm five. 
Swing high only high don't waste your time lower down.

Look up.

Go higherrrrrrr.

Pretty park running. 
Pretty sure she was going too fast for my camera. (Should've changed shutter speed?)
Pretty good runner. 

Should've gone for a run
But slower walking pace things filled my head so I walked with them instead. 

Time to go home Ruby's waiting.



  1. Anonymous15.7.12

    Dear Sneaky Sneak,

    I think you're very clever indeed.

    And you never say "like", except when you ought to.

    Yours sincerely,

    A Pedant.

  2. Thankful for your comment, A Pedant, I very sincerely do feel.
    Maybe in due course your identity you will reveal?

    Yet if a revelation is not your intention, then of course I do understand.
    Sneaky Sneak your way through A Sneaky Snook's blog as only a true Sneaky Sneak can.

    Ps. I'm waiting for film to be developed.