I Watched You Breathe In And I Wished You'd Stop.

This morning

0:00 – Starting watch timer, that strap is a bit loose 

0:05 – No, woah far too tight what the heck no one's wrist is that tiny. Well, maybe if I trained like everyday of my life, ok no wait that's stupid

0:07 – "Why am I training? Oh you know, to fit into my watch strap."

0:30 – La la la la, running running running

1:00 – Down the hill is fuuuuun! Even though we've just beguuuun, I'm rhyming in my head and over there can see the suuuuun 

1:01 – How am I not a rapper. A running rapper. A running wrapper who raps. *Business Venture!!!!*

1:03 – Wow, the sun is really pretty

1:03.5 – Oh gosh no ow 

1:04 – Back to the road back to the road eyes back to the road 

1:05 – Car, stop. Gah hate stopping can't you see I'm already tired here no fair 

1:07 – Whhhyyy are you angry I stopped! Ok no you're not angry that's just your face. Why does your face look angry you should come for a run it relieves road rage stress by causing it for motorists

5:00 – Five minutes in, yeah life only many minutes to go 

5:07 – Check watch again. Nice still going good job

13:00 – Tighten pony tail

14:30 – Oh it's going to be one of those runs, is it hairtie I blindly invested way too much faith in?

14:35 – WHHHHHHYYYYY!!!!!!! You're a stretchy one!!!!!!!! You liiieeeeed

15:00 – Retying hair retying hair is fun to do at the liiiights pretend I'm a real athlete, jog on the spot not even tired

15:30 – So tired

37:30 – Pretty sure that guy passed me fifteen minutes ago, is he walking a cat or a dog? Cat...dog....cat...dog.....

38:00 – Omg Cat definitely cat. Whaat! People are so weirrrrd

38:10 – Oh no wait, that's a dog. Ew ugly dog. Why would you walk your dog if it looked so questionably like an ugly cat. Dog. Catdog. 

39:00 – Catdog was a really creepy program. Catdog, oooh Catdog, Alone in the world with a little Catdaaawg. 

47:00 – Hhhmm mmhhmm Caaaatdaawg

49:30 – Gaaaah so many cyclists. Ok you own the road WE GET IT. Cycle on

52:00 – Oh my word that woman's hair is amazing. How does she get it to bounce like that

52:30 – I wonder if my hair bounces like that

54:00 – Reflectiooon in a building! Oh wow

54:02 – My hair does NOT bounce like that

55:00 – Maybe if I run differently with more of a bounce

55:10 – Well that was stupid and uncalled for

55:15 – Did anyone see me? At least no one saw me. Oh crap why is that guy running like that and laughing

15:20 – Heeeeeeyyyyy Juliiiiaaaann

56:00 – No I've got a sore calves, calf, my calf, it is sore. Yeah, so I bounce to shake it out. Uh huh. No idea what I did to it, noooo. Sure it'll be absolutely fine. No I don't need new shoes

57:00 – THREE MINUTES!!! Three minutes three minutes three minutes to go I don't know am I excited? HEY YEAH I THINK SO!

60:20 – You want me to run where? No, come on. This isn't funny. Your coach humour is lost on me

60:30 – Don't make me sad don't make me cry sometimes the run is tough and the road gets rough I don't know why, oh no wait yes I do, because you're making me do it

61:40 – Up the hill to finish, stupidest hill in New Zealand 

61:45 – Why do we need hills anyway if you're short and can't see stuff just get stilts. Or grow

63:00 – Can my laces please please come undone

63:15 – I am willing you to come undone

64:00 – COME

64:01 – UNDONE

65:00 – I, can see, the park, where, we, are finishing

67:30 – Hello water bottle!!! Let's be best friends forever until you're empty and USELESS to me in my pursuit of extreme hydration!


69:30 – Stretchy stretchy stretch stretch

71:00 – Ok that wasn't even that hard I was fine

71:10 – That was fun, see you guys tomorrow. 

71:30 – So NOW you come undone. 


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  1. You are literally the most awesome person of my life. I actually feel like I was there. Greatest recount ever. x