Finding the right way to fall

Welcome to the jungle book. Taken by me, film
I bought a bike nearly a month ago, and it's turned out to be a way better mode of transport for getting to local parks and discovering new places to read, write, think and draw. It's blue and has a metal nana-tray I use to hold snacks, a book and sometimes a camera. 

She is called Raleigh! I love everything about her except the helmet wearing part. I have had to adapt to some awkward hair styles.

Biking has been a great start to autumn–crunching over leaves and sometimes collecting the best ones.

I took the first three photos here, the rest are Samuel's.

I made my necklace back when I last got excited about beads for my garage sale. I love wearing it with my R.A. loafers because they inspired my design!

The second thing I am very very excited about for Autumn, is working on the second Daisy Chain zine with Olivia! We have started work on Chain 2: InsiderOutsider and are aiming to have it completed by the end of next month/June!

Chain 2 looks at the importance of experiencing life rather than just internalizing and living inside your head, but also in contrast, allowing yourself to be alone with your own thoughts. We are also planning a video series which will be a new addition from what we were doing in Chain 1. ^.^  I won't explain any more but if that sounds interesting to you, you should check out Daisy Chain zines once in a while, where O.T. and I are very eagerly posting "vibes" and "aesthetics" because we're so ~relevant~. <seapunk>

I will leave you with Grimes, who has been on repeat with this song as I've started Chain 2 zine-ing. 



  1. I love those photos! Your description of biking makes me really want to go for a bike ride, maybe I will tomorrow. and your outfit is awesome, wow. Chain 2 sounds like it will be amazing :))

    1. thank you! haha although most of them are not actually mine but I will pass that on!! yeees do it, go cruising and take photos! xx