Listless reverie

1. Things that I know:
People are shaped by their experiences.
Lists help to remember
What exactly happened in December
Doesn’t matter anymore, sure
I have a bad habit of making cups of tea I do not drink
But at least I know to

Always order the cheesecake.

2. Things you should know and did you know:
Your self-esteem is your shadow, available only on certain terms
When compliments are beamed upon you, you shine.
When a girl is wearing braids she means to speak to you intentionally.
We are only as lost as we are blind.
You should never interrupt a sleepwalker.

3. Things that make sense don’t:
My fascination for you 
is like a rocking chair I'm wary of  
Decaf chai lattes and
Marc Jacobs applied to wintered turtleneck
(What a waste, what a waste it was).
Every dream I’ve ever had has included a strange intersection of mahogany and 
moth-eaten velvet.



  1. I love your poems Georgia! they're so great!

  2. thank you so much, ahh i have not forgotten about you, will email back right now, very sorry for the major delay!!! xx

  3. this is beautiful i really like the poems!