detaching, attaching








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attached and detachment. (people, places, things.)

not ‘emotionally detached’ by nature, just in a daydream echoing the dark.

Mind is stretched throughout the day not enough and too many words to say. I can’t see detachment from reality, dissociation,


The person, while physically present, moves elsewhere in the mind, and in a sense is "not entirely present", making them sometimes appear preoccupied or distracted.

And please you I just can’t seem to do
(these are the thoughts my mind is jumping, swinging hula–hoops through to impress you).

With logic.
Because I have thought this through.
Because I’m logical and I think as much as you.

But there is an inability to connect with people lately

describing travel. Met with blank faces, eyes glazed over, paranoid they think my mind is dystopia
my ideas do not stack straight the way they wanted
they hate the unknown plans I make but make that known to me across the table.

When will it be our turn?
in those eyes, some strange mixture of chill and warmth.

Then, finally!
Mugs arrive to wait unattended, the froth less frothy the coffee growing cold.

Am I too old for this? I wonder, too old for concrete plans abandoned from where I’m standing it’s fine but maybe again it’s all in my mind.

I am sorry to disappoint
you but happy

to be feeling a little less disconcerted. Boredom is the better reaction, I hope they will talk about their lives, and I can ask a million questions divert the attention from the things I can not seem answer properly.

Let me learn how to detach first. 


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