Pictures from Devonport by SMT
Wrote this a little while ago as song lyrics for a friend. 
Haven't given it to them and now want to pretend–it's a poem!


There is an inequity.
There is
an inequity oh my
love, oh can’t you see.

You are the shore and
I am the sky.
I’ve tasted your tears they’re not salted
when you cry
oh my oh my, love.
You’re not sure anymore
you’re not my sea shore anymore.

So why did you come then
did the tide drift you in?
You arrived here too fast
when I didn’t even know you could swim.
Said you came on a whim.
Oh my oh my, love
let’s begin.

Let’s begin again.
Swap the stamps from where we’ve been.
End up in too deep again.
but you say you’re not sure.
Maybe we've coasted too different 
can't co-ordinate anymore. 

And there is that inequity.
There is an unequal amount of love
between you and me.
I’m experiencing deficiency
in this lack of efficiency
together swapped for different seas
always would be you and me

Sunk in-inequity. 


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