She liked the sky and often wondered what she’d do without it.

When I learn to download the sky

I’ll burn blue, wash white.

Citing reasons you left my head that night:

I’d been mining your mind for months and sleeping on myths.

You love, you love, you loved, you it’s no secret.

I felt sorry for you that I felt sorry for you.

Squeeze the breath, steal from my bones

call me up on one forgotten telephone



learn when I download the sky

I’ll tell you why:

nothing has changed

we’re still the same

we can agree to reset memory, again.


Fill your lungs up with resentment.

We're too young for fitting moulds and finding contentment.

Downloaded sky. Ever wondered why

we were running, never faster

both our bodies set in plaster 

in the sky falling, flying

plaster firm silently denying


it got easier to watch you cry

watch the cracks grow deeper

sleeper, you were supposed to be from high above

and teach me how to live and love.

I saved such a sky.

Those days, these nights and forgettable afternoons

soon make a neck worry sewn.

Not sure if you mind, this mind can’t be my own.

No one can be there to prove you were alone. 


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