Shy notes.

i went to the park to read but fell asleep. 
this is what i overheard and imagined when i woke.



 "Um so, messaging him saying meet me at 7."

"Yeah, but be really casual."

"Would it be weird if I call you while I'm with him, and be like oh hey what, you're nearby? Why not pop by?"

"Yeah Zoe that would be very weird."

"Just be natural. Don't forget to instagram. Don't think too hard about it."

"Yeah OK."

"But sometimes he still is... deeply quiet. And I don't know where that comes from. His father, probably. He is a very concerned little boy. I keep telling Anna she needs to take him out more, you know. With children his own age. But that is what happens when you don't give children..."



"How long did it take you?"

"20, 25 minutes?"

"Oh, not long."

"No, not long."

"It's such a nice day!"

"So nice!"

"Right. So... that's them, over... there."


"Underneath the tree, that one."

"Yeah... how's my hair?"

"My awful hat, helmet-hair?"

"It looks fine."

"It looks really bad."

"No, it looks good!"


"And that's what England is obsessed with, like focusing on only one player. Like right now it's Rooney. All the media want to talk about is Rooney. Like how well he's playing. But no one's talking about anyone else, like the reasons why we're out of the world cup."

"I dunno man... I've been drinking a lot lately. An' like, eatin' rubbish."

"Yeah, an' you're still smoking so no change!"

"Yeah man, but it's not good."

"It's not good."

"No it's not good."

 "What's her name?"

"I dunno man, but she's local. I see her round, a lot."

"So one day."

"Yeah man, one day. Maybe."

"Maybe. She the girl, with the hair?"


"Oh yeah, I know her. Always with a kid."

"That's her brother."


"I was wearing this really fitted, white dress, with, actually luckily I was wearing a denim jacket, otherwise the whole thing could have been entirely different!"

"I saw pictures of you though, you looked so nice."

"Oh, thanks."

"Yeah, you looked great." 

"Thanks babe! But you kind of have to say that!"

"No, I-"

"I hate it when my boyfriend does that! Like randomly compliments me. It feels so... fake."

"So I should compliment you more to make it more authentic?"

"Or like, just not using that voice."

"What voice?"

 "The voice you just complimented her with."

"That's just my voice."

"Yeah but its like... you know?"


"I thought you'd be running! How you doing, you alright?"

"Yeah good."

"Tom's just gone back to his, he'll be back in a minute. There's food."

"Oh cool."

"I didn't tell you about last night, did I? Brutal."

"Hannah showed me pictures, yeah what happened?"

"Stitches all up the back of my mouth, anesthetic. Lucky I'd had that thing done last Friday... Here he is! Did you find it?"

"Yeah, but there's some bloody half-term fair or something all through the park. Parents with prams everywhere, Jesus." 

"Don't say that in front of Liam, man!"

"Oh - no, I don't mind."


 "A, I don't really know how to get there; B, I don't have anything to wear; and C, I don't care if he's there or not anyway. He could be there and it wouldn't even concern me, like I wouldn't comment on that, it's not worth commenting on. London Underground's not even that great anyway. I don't know what he's so fixated with making a film about it."


"I like what she plays, I just don't think she's a great DJ."
"Yeah, yeah."
"I do think it's good she does it, though."
"She is talented."
"She is talented. I'm just sick of East. Where's your bike?"


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