saturday sayings

If you were a car you'd be a 205
two feet wide, dents down each side

If you were a shoe you'd be avoiding the cracks
don't step on that, won't be losing luck or marrying rats

If you were a tree you'd have leaves bleached by sun
barely grown before providing shelter for someone

If you were a door you'd be swung open wide
full of oaky pride, letting people hide

If you were a kindle you'd be illuminated full
back-lit and still, tapped in morse code drill

If you were a jacket you'd be found in camden loch
cheaper than what your friends got, better owning than not

If you were a hair-cut you'd be the slow kind to grow out
one making people shout, causing queasy doubt

If you were a river you'd be rippling and raw
mineraled galore, not quenching leaves you wanting more

If you were a backpack you'd be leathery and soft
forgotten in your cost, packed tight so wearer wanders lost 

But: if you were a tattoo you'd be temporary.


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