be humankind.

i'm a thing made
of time 
-lag, culture shock, zone shift.

where thoughts are unpaid lodgers
mind invaders
occupying crowded, minded streets in my head
spilling onto roads without maps
wearing jaded tee shirts with 
three blue buttons up the throat.

read the label: unfortunately
my clothes are made of monosodium glutamate and hexachlorophene.
my food is made of polyester, rayon and lurex.
I am mad

heard that to be humankind is to tolerate beyond the daily grind.

the tunnel’s throat swells with frosty aftershave, fumes and foul mouths.
stand clear of the closing doors, please.

we dive deep
-er under a duvet of stars.

nyc has a hang-over
london has jet-lag 
we all have culture shock 
doing everything the wrong way at the wrong time
staring from windows double glazed with dirt.



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