heart beat code

stares at her feet
steps ctrl alt del
falls from

she used to sit high on his shoulders
now he shrugs a lot
the heart he's got
taps a tune she’s grown immune to

call it
un-required love

when there are words
they don't speak of
seems bad dreams are the has beens and future bes
known together/known apart

they'd made styrofoam telephones
connected thoughts with string
twisted twine & tied the knot
remembered messages & forgot

now he’s curated non-essential memories
she is a window dispensing emotional amenities
a pain then two panes lifted shut
transparent without opening up

he read forgiveness can be harrowing
she said, you always tell the same two things
silence meant to hurt
silence got to work

all these distances she knows
stick like stamps before
she’s shown which way she’s supposed to go
push pebble problems like rocks
till they roll

once woven close-knit
now calls are missed
tell her heart he rang,
speaking in remorse code
beating sorry.


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