girls at our best

running skipping shouting screaming
our eyes awake but we were dreaming

steadily led in conversation, fresh cut flowers
grew on the table left behind for hours & hours
unsaid are words, unbuilt are towers

hey, you
clear nail varnish through & through
black roll-neck sweater you
knew betteri have old photos of us two
swinging swaying do you, could you,
sing some of those memories you have to me?
pictures curl & collapse in the breeze

in your tartan skirt, you told me about your boyfriend
who lived far away and played video games, sometimes 
until three-in-the-morning
yes it was, it was appalling

back then girls at our best 
hair in a mess, passing driving tests and yet
aware of where we were
knew we let our minds wander on
it's an important process, I guess 

testing melodies to find your eventual song

you be the tune & i'll be some strange harmony 
girls at their best share words when silence stings
picnics and home-made fridge magnets 
once stuck together now
experiencing repelling forces.


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