theya dreamer knowledge

listen to me, they tell me
i can be self-aggrandising in a self-
deprecating way

take note, they wrote
mark the syntax of the sentences that i spoke
my words have weight so i'll make you
wait in hope

i can show you the world 
shining shimmering 
lean inthis is how you initiate conversation
ask a question
then revolve contemplation around your hero-complex universe 
talking to you is like interacting with a silence curse
you don't have time for answers anyway you have them 

all adversity to industry it's trendy to say things like trending 
& use anecdotes to enlighten, fragmented understanding
drop names like petals to increase your social standing

tell apocryphal stories about people you met 
recycle sustainable stories of that person you met

you're a polymath
but use an app to avoid maths
you don't do all that
cheap tricks, words which
buzz  & stick

directly discursive 
evasive on purpose you
skirt adroitly around my questions and

credit no one.

i wouldn't dream of acknowledging you. 


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