Bring no flowers.

I see half past four and dead light. From my window, cold cheeks numb.

Raw dumb.

Home: pyjamas, hot water bottle and considering cold teacup I could stay.

Ach, no. I should go. 

Brown silk nylons & leatherette shoes & is always this cold this time of year?

The bus is too eager *travelcard soon expires* whisking me forward toward people 
waiting, warm in another place.  

Near last to arrive, unfashionably late so I am so sorry, sorry so.  

There are candles and we pick slowly at vegetarian bolognaise.

The monotonies of explaining why you’re vegetarian: discuss.

Light scented room but topic heavy.

I have some conversational ideas, but tonight my tongue is a soldier wounded without ammunition.

Bury weary thoughts, listen. 

Silence. Feel a brain ease. 

The Physicist said to the Philosopher, how much does Philosophy change in six months?

That’s exactly what a Physicist would ask. 

We go around the table talking about how we make money.


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