i'll let you real near

so close we are 

coasting now, the coast so clear with flowers
& grey shines green somehow 

i'll let you real near to my mind
we can read each other's thoughts & quickly tick 
away remaining time 
collapsing into sidewalks lined with trees of the same kind
i'd said i'd let you real close so you could see some thoughts of mine

they say don't read into it
but listen loose you'll definitely be able to hear it
that infatuated gaze the man behind the maze
of convoluted constituted games won in simple phrases

so here we go
my letting in won't be so slow
i'll let you real near 
real near now real
fear now 

stay here & we'll align 
all this time will wipe away
sad feelings will be fine 
stepped into strength now i
found my stride 
your shadow passes into mine.


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