The Interview.

He said, I am the Hero of my own life
as he drank a beer in the shower. 
I watched the curtain curling against the steam. 

Yellow headed giant child 
the morning sun in the mirror 
with dual basin, plasticy his & hers towels. 

Music rolls off the roof through the window
Who do you think you are?
I do not want to stand guard over my life, I explain. 
Some kind of super star? 

Standing up he reminds me it's nearly ten
I should be going, I should be gone. 

Remember who you are, I think
merging lanes and applying lipstick. 
You don't need them, they need you. 
You only need them a little. 
Will they find me attractive? 
Velvet collar, pencil skirt. 

I've always owned black, and
had dreams with certitude 
of great things turning up. 

Swing it
Shake it
Move it
Make it 

Realising I'm without the address
I drive on. 


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