Greetings from Rainbow Falls.

I love this video, obsessed I've watched it soo many times. The pink/blue/yellow mix is beeautiful, I really like how soft and blurred the colours are. The story is so simple and I like the way it's cut. It feels dreamy, distant and mesmerising, I just keep rewatching.

Since seeing this I felt inspired to make a Hawaiian sort of shrine for my bedroom! Unfortunately you can't really see many of the photos above because they're way over/under exposed. Still learning. Sooo you'll just have to take my word for it that Hawaii getaway shrines are cool and the best way to spend your Saturday day/night creating!

Isla Norman (18 year-old kiwi) was nice to play on a sunny afternoon, with the pretty Ukelele and Olivia suggested this one too. Nice dreamy vibes for arranging flowers and pinning posters. 

View from my bedroom

I like this shape!

Yeah it would mean everything to me.



  1. Ah love this post so much! Take me to Rainbow Falls haha