Werking* Girls.

Amy and I have been ad interning. 

I'm a "creative" and she's a suit. 
I've been learning about how many words to use. 
She's being taught how to change as many as she can without me noticing. 

Being *creative* means it's ok for me to wear knee high socks and pin daises to my shirt.
Amy slips on skyscraper heels and braids her hair so it's out of her face. 
I play with my barrette clip and wonder how old people think I am. 

Some sixteen year old girls asked if I was sixteen on Sunday. I'm not. 

At my desk I spend a lot of time considering life.
I think about labels and messages and intended audiences.
I think about where I am going, who I am helping and why branding matters at all. 

I read the news a lot. 

I consider life as a columnist. I consider life not as a columnist.  

I drink a lot of fluffy coffee.
My mind keeps wandering to the same place. 

I wish I could draw. 

*Not a typo.  



  1. Anonymous12.9.12

    I do my best not to slip. Always keep a flat pair of shoes in the handbag for emergency shoe pickups, coffee/lunch runs, alcohol supplying, photography assignments etc.

    Adlife. It's cool.

  2. Werking Girls. Loove it. Werk lyfe.