Aloha Summer Projects

Someone asked me the best question recently.

What's your project?


What's your project? What are you working on at the moment?


Such a refreshing question! I think it's important to point out this adult didn't know me very well, and instead of asking about uni or work or how I thought I was going to survive in this economic climate post-university, he wanted to know one thing. 

How was I spending my time and expressing myself ? How was I being ~creative~ ?

How cool is that?! And also how cool that his *creative project* right now is starting up a Red Cross Op-Shop with his wife! Will definitely be making a trip there when it opens sometime next year!

Sooooo, I'm VERY EXCITED I NEED TO SHOUT about the new project Olivia and I are working on! We're making the first edition of our Daisy Chain Zine, Chain 1. Wooo! It's for Summer! We're hoping to get it all done near the start of December so all the summery vibes will be relevant in the (hopefully!) hot weather!

I had a good conversation with some ~creative people~ last night about "passion projects." It made me realise how important it is to have them, a creative outlet to channel all your energy into. And finish that one thing then move on to do something else! I'm very excited about pulling everything together for this first zine, already got ideas for the next one! (Chain 2!)



  1. Anonymous16.11.12

    He's cooool huh? Weird, but cool. x