Mistaken for Magic.

It's summer and I have been journaling a lot because I don't want to forget anything that happens these long days. Been forgetting a lot lately.

 Houses are cool.

So is the beach and long hot days driving around the city. 

Friends at the beach.

And Amy and I went to Grimes!!
She was so so so good and very cute!
The only thing she said when she first came on was "hi guys...." and the just started playing. And the best part was I caught a rose from one of her dancers off the stage. And it was my birthday the next day so it was like hey I got a birthday rose from Grimes. Cool.

hey grimes. and dancers.
Credit to Amy's iPhone woooo

I turned 21.

(All photos taken on a little Olympus film camera I found in my room.)

And when I've been brunching for Onching, I have played music. The same ten songs over. Here they are in case you'd like to take a listen too.

I cut my hair today to try and look like Fiona Apple. I found her vinyl recently and she is



  1. I also like to write down a lot of my thoughts. Really like these pictures and I'm jealous 'cause you saw how cute Grimes is, LIVE. And of course talented and amazing. Your playlist sounds good. Happy Birthday!

  2. These pictures are so pretty! I love your journal!

  3. Yay 21! and Grimes! Glad your memory is coming back :)