Georgia and Milly  
 The Lighthouse Adventure
Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom film still.

Our Adventure.

It took us a while to get there.

We weren't exactly sure where to go 
took it slow along the waterline.

Was very windy and windy. 
shout out to O.T.'s bike for beach cruising, thanks O.T. ! The white one is Milly's.
Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff Wendybird loafters. New to me and currently very uncomfortable still. uh oh.

wind "swept"

There are only two of us and we aren't even sure there's a lighthouse. WE'LL NEVER MAKE IT.... 

Oh, hooraaaay.

Girls on Adventures
a very fun day you could say.

Also, this was stuck in my head THE WHOLE TIME.
Tis 9/10 catchy. 



  1. Loooove this! Ah so cool, I like how you collaged the pictures too! Thanks for the shout out to my bike :)! Why don't you just run alongside though? hahaha get this reference??) Looks so fun and summery!

    1. oh i was, just placed the bikes there for the photo!!! just kidding. It was both of those things! :) xx

  2. These are GORGEOUS, looks like a ton of fun, and I adore your outfit.