Our Own Dreamworld

I have been listening to the tender sounds of Bert Kaempfert and his Orchestra and dreaming in wonderland. Since the start of the year days have been slower, I am enjoying contemplative afternoons in my room reading. I finally started and finished Weetzie Bat one sunny sitting, which spun me into yet another world of words, dreaming, with just the music to complement my mood.

A stranger said recently within my hearing,
we'll make this our own dreamworld.
(Obnoxious Australian accent and reference to the tacky theme park aside), this phrase lingered in my memory for days to come. 

I think we do all create our own dreamworlds. And sometimes they're magnificent, but sometimes they fade to disappointment. Romanticised summer dreaming left me frustrated, again at the start of year. I didn't want to say it out loud, but I was feeling it. Bored?

January, when the sun flirts with tanned skin and so often is too hot, even sitting from the center of the sky. I've had too much time on my hands became stained with relaxation.
I'm supposed to feel organised I thought, with time tucked into ticked boxes. But time turned to boredom and I wandered listlessly for a while. It happens every year. Not a listless summer.

So I've continued to journal everyday as a matter of practice, and planned projects into action. So happy when someone asked
what's your project? Have decided it's time for something new. Three new things which grow in audacity to make them happen.

2013: A list, of course.
1. There's been present decoration for Milly. (H.B.M.D.)
and a whole host of summer birthdays, one of my new year's resolutions was 
I will give birthday presents on time. So far so good! 

Ran out of cellotape so stickers had to step in!

2. T-Shirt/clothing cutting and hair cuts. 
A few cuts, finally biting the bullet to a blunt fringe. 
My friend Amy likes to tell people when she gets bored she cuts her hair shorter.
She's in San Diego now "studying" and finding frat parties. 

I found this shirt when I was lost and saw a thrift store near the beach! I'm on a summer saving budget buuuut it was $1 so made the cut (see what I did there). I really liked the lettering and bright pink colour on black. It's a bit hard to read in reverse (I have a mirror as my tripod ok guys) but says Shodo Girls, which I have since researched and realised is SO MUCH COOLER than I first realised.

"Seeing their beloved hometown gradually decline in prosperity, a group of high schools students decide to host a ‘calligraphy performance competition’ to create publicity for their dwindling town.

!!!!!!!!! kewl kewl kewl !!!!!!!!
 Based on a true story, Shodo Girls tells a tale of hope and community spirit where youth and vigour meet age and wisdom to overcome the towns struggle to remain on the map."

Firstly, I would like to ask why the heck have I not yet taken part in a calligraphy performance competition, where my dreams really do come true. So now I really want to see this film and basically be a Shodo Girl! ~*~Shodo~Lyf~*~

3. $Garage salez$ 
Lots and lots of journaling has led to the decision to be in London for June this year
Eeeeeeeee finally!!!!!!!!!

Tell the skies I'm leaving, they should be expecting me.

I've been keeping a consistent daily entry of words and scribbles, currently on my 6th summer book!

So a huge trip requires huge saving for me. Yesterday my sister helped me organise a big garage sale at our house where I sold a heap of my old clothes for the London fund! As Phoebe keeps saying, "Put everything on the NZ Ebay!!!!" Will do. *Shout out to Trademe!*

A pop-up garage sale, actually just outside from the garage ^.^ Photos taken by Eloise while setting up.
I made a few little beaded hair-clips and bracelets, you may be able to read my very original sign in the top left corner hehe. We hung all the clothes on an old bed frame we had sitting outside the side of the house! It's wrought iron and actually quite beautiful. And rusted. Had to clean that for a bit.

A few of the things I made and sold!

It was a quiet afternoon after Luke and Milly left, so I sat in the sun sewing more zines.

I was probably only alone for about an hour but it somehow seemed like a lot longer. Not quite forever but a good while. 
And I did feel as though I was in a new dreamworld. One faraway without all these clothes and books and familiar daisy fans. One where everything was new foreign and far. By myself.

I was humming along with Bert Kaempfert and his Orchestra and dreaming in wonderland.




  1. Yay! Hello shorts! Oh and I have those heart beads as well!! The garage sale looks so cute!

  2. Wait OMG Shodo Girls look so cool! We have to see this!!

  3. thanks for the comment! i can post the picture on the moonmagic tumblr so you can reblog it

    1. great sounds good, thank you! xx