Cola can cut out

I’m wearing the badge you gave me when you left
right away, tacked it to the jersey I said I’d never

broaching the subject of you leaving was like scraping toffee from a jar.

Too difficult to finish.

It’s a Coca Cola can cut into a heart, pinned to mine
from time to time
I forget it’s there.

Is that a coke can?
It was.

You’re as far away as last year’s recycling now.

I think you’ve had fun reinventing yourself
been there long enough to change
the colour of your skin,
the food to complain about
your habitual organisation is lost amongst
the plans you do not make.

The plan is no plan.  

The badge was “for saving the world” but,
there was a book wrapped in a map too.
I see you have a habit of going through diaries quite fast.
I have a matching one, we can be twins.

If we’re supposed to be the same
then you’ll be feeling pretty weird without you here.

We are in a housing bubble
I sent you the link I think
about mortgages and stuff now.  

But you don’t mind you’re not in the market.
Owning nothing, seeing everything.

Nobody owes you anything.

We swim in the same sea
but I think the waves might break differently
where you are, the Californian seaweed grips your ankles.
You would hate that.

You are pragmatic and ask if we can each swim halfway.
But you’re a much better swimmer than me.



  1. I love this poem! Can I use it in my zine? Total credits to you but I think it really embodies my theme!! It's so lovely Georgia! You have wicked talent!!!

  2. Yeah, I feel pretty weird without you here for sure. And the seaweed is mega annoying.
    It's okay, swimming is overrated anyway. xx