homemade heartbreak.

in a cracked heel world of snow
who will stop the worst
who will fill the room
the words will come out slow
i don't i don't i don't know 


never walk away
never stop to say
underwater games inside brains
finding reasons to stay awake

the sound rain window pains me
brush war paint from my face
all this small talk weighs down now
due drops smashing on the ground

watch them walk away
never speak again
planted eyes fixed on feet
gazes drifting push past sleep

all this spitting dust all over us

all this small town talk trusted us
i stayed with every urge to take the next train
one by one pass through the doorways

bright as a star  
light strobing down on me
sure i can cough i can 
cough i can choke on this colour 
colour smoke.


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