recipe for

staring through screens you’re
googling dreams
late night lonely searches means
you’re a little less naïve
cut up because you cut dreams up
never started, they just cost too much
couldn’t afford the flaw of being unsure you
folded dreams like flat-pack furniture you
don’t like it but order more
& wish you never sold it to her
the dream she bought lost
found obscurity
so let me see:
when you were a kid you traded in possibility
thought the impossible was possible until
something told you that impossible was an
unachievable obstacle & it hurt you
you’re among a few
sit you with filofax of faded archetypes
& prototypes on your knees &
together let’s see if tonight we can stitch your dream
back from jaded light 
pennies for your thoughts
you have an overflowing cup
junk dreams may be bent & unused but
saved & not spent up
paper planes littered streets in your brain
i picked them up
read it steadies you no longer
dwelling in destiny
believing failure is hereditary
your tongue can sting nations so articulate kindly
encourage blindly
feed your dream so much there are strings of master
pieces caught between your teeth.


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